The Most Expensive Documentation Mistakes Chiropractors Make

Documentation and coding go together and it doesn’t have to be difficult.  Join Dr. Gwilliam, Clinical Director for PayDC EHR Software, certified coder and auditor, as he breaks down the most common CPT and ICD-10 codes used in chiropractic offices.  Learn to document in a way that clearly justifies your services, but doesn’t keep you too busy to take care of patients. With a thorough understanding of what you need to do to remain compliant you will be able to rest well at night and minimize your practice-related anxiety.     

Learning Objectives:

  1. Master ICD-10 rules that can make your records better (hour 1)
  2. Learn the secrets of documenting and coding for the top diagnoses used by chiropractors (hour 2)
  3. Master Evaluation and Management CPT coding and documentation, with changes for 2021 (hour 3)
  4.  Learn the keys to documenting and establishing medical necessity for the most common procedure codes used by chiropractors (hour 4)