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Bracing the Adult Scoliosis Patient (1CE)

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Continuing Education |  OnDemand Regular CE |  Webinar
Brantley Stricker, PT, DPT
48 Minutes
Audio and Video



  1. Review of scoliosis in general and adult scoliosis specifically.
  2. Review current treatment options for adult scoliosis.
  3. Discussion on bracing for adult scoliosis. The primary goal of traditional scoliosis bracing is to stop the progression of the scoliotic curve and rotation of the spine. A secondary goal is to achieve some correction (lessening of the curve). Correction of the curve is not possible in the skeletally mature patient. However, there is some progression of the scoliotic curve for about 40% of the adult scoliosis patients. Traditional bracing is poorly tolerated and the research does not support bracing when the goal is correction.
  4. Discussion on alternative to traditional scoliosis bracing for the adult patient. The design rationale of a new approach to bracing the adult scoliosis patient is a reduction in symptoms associated with adult scoliosis such as pain and reduced function.
  5. Discussion on the research newer bracing designs for adult scoliosis.
  6. Case study review.