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Canine Orthotics and Braces, What You Need to Know, 02/15/2024, On Demand More info »

Canine Orthotics and Braces, What You Need to Know - (1 Animal CE)

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Animal Chiropractic |  Continuing Education |  Webinar
Paul Brumett, DVM, CCRP, cAVCA, HTAP
1 Hour
Audio and Video



1- Animal CE #84127

Objective: 1:  Discuss the history, biomechanics, recent research and use of orthotics and braces in  

                        Veterinary Medicine.

                   2:  Review cases to show proper application.

When practicing veterinary medicine, many of our clients are looking for alternatives to surgery for

orthopedic injuries such as Cranial cruciate ligament tears, Carpal and Tarsal injuries, and Lower back

instability.  Although surgery may be the best course in many cases, conservative therapy with bracing

has its place.  This presentation with go over a brief history of canine orthotics and braces,

biomechanics, recent research, appropriate use, the casting process, fitting, maintenance, and brief case




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Paul Brumett, DVM, CCRP, cAVCA, HTAP

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