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Clinical Considerations In Adding Providers To Your Practice

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Martin "Marty" Caron
1 Hour 02 Minutes
Audio and Video


You will learn:

  • The financial needs and implications of hiring an associate 
  • The best options for recruiting 
  • How to make sure your new associate is well-suited to your clinic
  • How to compensate the associate.

Dr Marty Caron is one of the founding partners of Caron Chiropractic and PT in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  With nine doctors of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, Caron Chiropractic and PT is one of the largest independent single location chiropractic practices in the Twin Cities metro area.  Caron has successfully hired multiple chiropractors and physical therapists and has valuable insight into this important process for any practice looking to strategically expand at the optimal time.