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Clinical Subtypes In Post-Concussion Syndrome

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Sara Oxborough
48 Minutes
Audio and Video


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the definition and diagnostic criteria of each concussion subtype 
  2. Understand common tests and measures used in the assessment of the concussion subtypes 
  3. Understand common treatments used with each concussion subtype 
  4. Identify patients that need referral to neurology, ophthalmology, and other providers to further address symptoms 


Sara Oxborough's Profile

Sara Oxborough Related Seminars and Products

Director, Physical Therapy Department

National Dizzy and Balance Center

Sara received her Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and Master's Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She gained interest in Vestibular Rehabilitation while doing clinical rotations in her hometown of Kenosha, WI, where she learned the effectiveness of vestibular rehabilitation, as well as the rewards of therapy.  
Sara has been the director of the Physical Therapy Department at National Dizzy and Balance Center since 2008. She enjoys treating a wide range of vestibular disorders especially concussion and vestibular migraine. Sara received Competency Certifications from Emory University, Atlanta, GA and American Physical Therapy Association in Vestibular Rehabilitation in 2009. In addition to clinic practice, Sara is a member of the leadership team of the Vestibular Special Interest Group through the American Physical Therapy Association. 
Sara has been involved in the development of a new American Physical Therapy Association sponsored course entitled Expanding Neurologic Expertise: Introduction to Vestibular Rehabilitation. She has done many presentations locally and recently spoke at APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting regarding telehealth and vestibular therapy.