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Diastasis 101

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Dr Beth McVey
58 Minutes
Audio and Video


This hour-long course will focus on diastasis recti, especially in the post-partum patient. You will learn how to recognize and check for diastasis, what causes it, and how to help heal it. You will also learn how to help prevent it in patients and how to use nutrition to assist in healing as well. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to recognize and check for diastasis
  2. Learn what causes diastasis, and how to prevent it in patients and how to help heal it.
  3. Learn how to use nutrition to assist in healing as well.


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Dr. Beth McVey has a passion for treating pediatric and pre/postnatal populations, while still providing care for the entire family. Dr. McVey is certified in the Webster Technique and has her certification in chiropractic pediatrics. She completed her pediatric certification training (CACCP) through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and continues to spend many hours each year expanding her knowledge on how to help babies/children and pregnant moms. Dr. McVey is also certified to perform Acupuncture and has a special emphasis on post-partum patients. Her passion for helping the postpartum population, led her to acquire additional training in pelvic floor and core rehabilitation and complete her certification through the MuTu™ program. Dr. McVey has received training in nutrition and assists clients as they transform their health. She is a firm believer in the traditional food movement and is passionate about eating real food and maximizing health through whole food nutrition.