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Dry Needling for Managing Pain

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Brian Hortz
50 Minutes
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This presentation will present evidence of the use of dry needling to manage pain and musculoskeletal conditions. It will present evidence on the physiologic mechanisms involved in Dry Needling’s effects. We will review RCTs of Dry needling effects on many pain-related conditions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will understand Dry needling's local, segmental, and systematic effects on pain.
  2. Participants will get a better understanding of the evidence for dry needling in influencing various pain-related conditions.
  3. Participants will gain an appreciation for this tool's influence on pain-related conditions.

1.0 Acupuncture Credits - Approved


Brian Hortz's Profile

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Director of Research and Education

Structure & Function Education

Dr. Hortz received a B.A. in physical education with a concentration in sports medicine. Upon graduation from Denison, he pursued a master's degree in sports medicine from Ohio University. Dr. Hortz then continued his post-graduate studies at The Ohio State University where he completed his doctoral degree in Exercise Science. Dr. Hortz is the current Director of Research and Education of Structure & Function Education, an education company dedicated to educating health care professionals. Dr. Hortz has presented at state, national and international level conferences in areas focusing on dry needling, therapeutic cupping, athletic training, medical ethics, regulatory issues, health, and physical activity. Dr. Hortz has served on the Ohio State PTOTAT licensure board for 9 years and has served in many roles from Joint Board Chair, Chair of the AT section, as well as other board assignments. Brian was inducted into the Ohio Athletic Trainers Hall of Fame in 2018, He has also received the NATA Service Award in 2015, The Board of Certification Dan Liberia Award in 2009, and was the Ohio Athletic Trainer of the Year in 2008.