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HIPAA & Social Media

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Continuing Education |  OnDemand Regular CE |  Webinar
Liam Degnan
44 Minutes
Audio and Video


Social media is a remarkably powerful tool that can be used to grow your practice. But only when it is used properly and in a HIPAA compliant manner. Whether your business is using Facebook to attract new patients, or your employees are posting about their workday on Twitter - improper use of social media can lead to major HIPAA violations. With the widespread use of smartphones, and access to apps like Instagram and Snapchat, these violations are more frequent than ever before.

The question becomes: How can your practice use social media without violating HIPAA?
In this webinar, we outline how your employees can use social media ethically while protecting your practice from HIPAA violations. You’ll be instructed on how to create effective policies surrounding the use of mobile phones and social media in the office, and given real-life examples of HIPAA breaches that occurred due to improper social media usage.