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Leasing Commercial Office Space

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Tiffany Leigh Brace
1 Hour, 1 Minute
Audio and Video


Are you currently seeking to renew commercial office space lease, looking to lease space, or considering leasing in the future? Are you unclear what the process looks like, where to start, or if you should look for help?

Come and learn about all aspects of leasing commercial office space — from finding an agent to knowing what you need to have prepared to discuss and supply to a landlord or agent.  This session will break down what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process especially when faced with the different space options and lease types and terms and try to answer all questions to help you prepare for office space search or renewal.

This session is ideal for new business owners, current business owners looking for a new space or negotiating a renewal to ensure they're getting the best deal for the perfect space, in the best location.

Learning Objectives 

  1. How to start the search process and the resources available
  2. Items one should organize and have prepared to supply, and the resources available to assist
  3. To understand the space and lease options available
  4. Key questions to ask an agent and/or landlord