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Navigating Rules & Regulations of a Cash Practice - Presented by: Dr. Fucinari (1CE)

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Dr. Mario Fucinari


Navigating Rules and Regulations of a Cash Practice

Mario Fucinari DC, CPCO, CPPM, CIC

Sponsored by NCMIC


Operating a cash practice offers numerous advantages, including increased control over pricing, reduced administrative burdens, and enhanced patient-provider relationships.  However, it also comes with its own set of challenges and risks.  Failure to comply with the rules and regulations specific to cash practices can lead to severe consequences, including legal penalties, loss of licensure, and damage to professional reputation.  This class aims to equip practitioners with the knowledge and tools to navigate the legal landscape, ensuring compliance and mitigating potential risks.

Learning Objectives


  • Establish the protocols to accomplish a cash practice legally and ethically
  • Learn the common errors in the quest to become a cash practice
  • Identify Risk Management issues in a cash practice
  • Learn Documentation Requirements unique to a cash practice

Hour 1

  • The Lure of a Cash Practice
  • Compliance and the Law
  • Medicare and the Cash Practice
  • Legal Requirements in Chiropractic Documentation
  • Time of Service Discounts
  • The Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) Regulations
  • The No Surprises Act and Your Financial Policy
  • Questions and Answers



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Sponsored by NCMIC

Dr. Mario Fucinari is a seasoned practitioner with over 35 years of experience running a successful office.  He is a Practice Consultant, a Certified Professional Compliance Officer, Certified Physician Practice Manager, Certified Insurance Consultant, and a Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee member.  He travels throughout the year to speak to audiences nationwide, sharing his chiropractic expertise and insights about documentation, compliance, and optimal patient care.