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Neurology for Athletes

Total Credits: 1 Regular


Aspiring athletes strive for perfection in their sporting skills - but they then proceed to put all their focus into their bodies and rarely put effort into developing their brain.  A recent understanding of how skills are developed opens up an exciting new approach to creating perfect skills - by developing the cerebellum, the part of the brain that can make that happen.  By naturally improving its function research shows that skills, concentration, and emotional control can all be improved - and the results are remarkable.  The session will provide an outline of the research that has led to the development of new assessment techniques and personalized exercise programs to achieve this - and how a chiropractic clinic could offer this as a service to athletes.  

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Understand role of the cerebellum in athletic performance, how the cerebellum “acquires skills” - the internal and inverse models, and what happens when it does its job well and the issues when it doesn’t. 
  2. Learn how to assess cerebellar development in an athlete and tests used to assess neurological performance to identify potential for further development / setting goals by measuring neurological and “on the field” progress.
  3. Learn how to assess eye-tracking and gaze performance.

1.0 Regular Credits - Approved



Wynford Dore Founder of Education Development International and Chairman of the Arnold Lodge School, Founder of Zing Performance's Profile

Wynford Dore Founder of Education Development International and Chairman of the Arnold Lodge School, Founder of Zing Performance Related Seminars and Products

Arnold Lodge School

Wynford Dore was already a successful entrepreneur disrupting various industries with his innovative research. At the height of his success his daughter, who had struggled badly in school, became depressed…. and attempted to take her own life. Mercifully she was saved but for him it was a life changing moment - and he sold his companies to focus on “understanding why she couldn’t learn.”   


He soon realized the root cause of learning issues is the cerebellum, but by stimulating it with certain exercises brain plasticity is increased — and progress in learning follows. Now, he’s helped 10s of 1,000s of children and adults - with an established program that is capable of helping millions — a story he shares in the Amazon bestseller “Stop Struggling in School.”