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North West District Dinner in Alexandria

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2 Hours
Alexandria, Minnesota
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Time: 6-7pm 

1st Presenter: Paul V. McCarten, Attorney 

Topic/Title:   The Importance of Appreciating Professional Boundaries

Objectives: Will do an overview of the important of professional boundaries related to the chiropractic practice. Your professional guidelines caution you as to situations that will inevitably give rise to trouble.  If a male chiropractor is treating a female patient it is best to leave the patient’s clothes on.  Reaching and touching also becomes a problem.  If necessary, a gown would be better than bare skin.  Remember, society demands that professionals avoid inappropriate contacts between doctor and patient.  Appreciating these boundaries will make everyone’s life easier.

If you have a patient that you are uncomfortable with because she or he is encouraging close contact, it is best to terminate that relationship and refer the patient elsewhere.  If you don’t, you could be facing a career ending decision.  Just be smart and be careful.

Time: 7-8pm 

2nd Presenter: Dr. Laura Freeman

Topic/Title: Back Pain: Diagnoses, Imaging of Pathology and Management Options


•Biomechanics and Pathologies

•Imaging Appearance of Pathology

•Treatment Strategies


Grand Arbor by Knute Nelson

4403 Pioneer Road SE, Alexandria, Minnesota 56308, United States
(320) 421-0242

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