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Pediatric Neurology


The number suffering from childhood learning and developmental issues has increased significantly in recent years, causing great concern for families. Recent breakthroughs in our understanding of the root cause point to the cerebellum, an often overlooked but critical part of the brain.  This session will follow the research that explains the causation of the many symptoms that manifest in autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and other similar disorders.  It will then share the typical results of natural methods that can be adopted in chiropractic clinics to assess and provide personalized exercise programs to stimulate the cerebellum, create plasticity, and drive the remediation process.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Understand the role of the cerebellum in child development. How the cerebellum “learns” - the internal and inverse models. What happens when it does its job well and the issues when it doesn’t - learning / reading / attention / behavior / motor / affective
  2. Assessment of cerebellar development in a child. Tests used to assess neurological performance. Identifying potential for further development / setting targets. Measuring progress
  3. Assessment of eye-tracking and gaze performance. What’s measured and implications for reading/studying/attention. Accuracy/Speed of response/Convergence/A video representation of issues.
  4. How the cerebellum can be developed
    1. Role of vestibular stimulation. Plasticity / stem cell. Update on recent research
  5. Creating a personalized program. Why “One-size-fits-all” is not appropriate. Establishing baseline. Using Artificial intelligence to optimize/increase stimulations. Looking out for other issues (tumors etc). Evidence of progress - neurological / subjective
  6. Likely results/outcomes
    1. Peer-reviewed research
    2. Summary of other data available
  7. Implementation in a Chiropractic Clinic
    1. Equipment / experience needed
    2. Training requirements
    3. Introducing/informing clients
  8. Further training options
    1. For Doctors - deeper research
    2. For therapists - assessments and coaching



Wynford Dore Founder of Education Development International and Chairman of the Arnold Lodge School, Founder of Zing Performance's Profile

Wynford Dore Founder of Education Development International and Chairman of the Arnold Lodge School, Founder of Zing Performance Related seminars and products

Arnold Lodge School

Wynford Dore was already a successful entrepreneur disrupting various industries with his innovative research. At the height of his success his daughter, who had struggled badly in school, became depressed…. and attempted to take her own life. Mercifully she was saved but for him it was a life changing moment - and he sold his companies to focus on “understanding why she couldn’t learn.”   


He soon realized the root cause of learning issues is the cerebellum, but by stimulating it with certain exercises brain plasticity is increased — and progress in learning follows. Now, he’s helped 10s of 1,000s of children and adults - with an established program that is capable of helping millions — a story he shares in the Amazon bestseller “Stop Struggling in School.”

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