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PEDIATRICS FOR THE DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC: 5 Key History Questions to Document the Potential - Presence of Joint Dysfunction in Babies & Young Children (1CE)

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Webinar |  Continuing Education |  OnDemand Regular CE |  Pediatric
Elise G. Hewitt DC, DICCP, FICC
1 Hour 03 Minutes
Audio and Video


In this class, Dr. Hewitt will introduce doctors and students to the five key questions to ask during the history to document the potential presence of joint dysfunction in infants. Ranging from in utero health through the process of labor and delivery, attendees will learn about the protective mechanisms built into the birth process, as well as the impacts on the newborn’s musculoskeletal system when a birth doesn’t go as planned. As always, throughout her presentation Dr. Hewitt will pepper her instruction with clinical pearls from her 34 years of experience in pediatric practice.


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