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Relevant Rehab: Active Care Progressions for the Lumbar Spine

Total Credits: 1.0 including 1.0 Regular

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57 Minutes
Audio and Video


Learn low tech solutions and active care progressions you can use immediately for rehabilitation of the lumbar spine, More than core stability, this course will review the evidenced based exercises for strength, flexibility and endurance for the lumbar spine. The attendee will be taught the essential exercise principles to build their low back rehab toolbox for the acute through return to activity/play phases of care.  Exercise progressions for the acute: sub-acute and rehabilitative phases of care will be taught in an engaging format with video demonstrations for applicable knowledge.


By the end of this course the clinician will:

  • Review functional anatomy of the lumbar spine as it relates to active care and exercise.
  • Learn the application of exercise progressions the acute, sub-acute and rehabilitative phases of care of the lumbar spine.
  • Develop and understanding of how and when to progress a patient through all phases of rehab for the lumbar spine.
  • Learn applicable techniques for the rehabilitation of the chronically fit patient and athletes.

1.0 CE credit - pending approval 



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