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Suicide Prevention in Healthcare: What a Chiropractor Needs to Know

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Lisa Bershok, MSW, LICSW
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Chiropractors treat patients who present with a variety of medical needs, including both physical and mental health conditions that could increase a patient’s risk of suicide. This training will increase your knowledge of mental health awareness, suicide warning signs and risk factors, and teach you how to respond to patients at risk of suicide. As healthcare professionals, you can be a trusted bridge to connect your at-risk patients with needed support, resources, and mental health treatment.



  1. Learn how to address stigma associated with suicide and mental illness.
  2. Recognize a person who might be having thoughts of suicide.
  3. Engage people at risk of suicide directly, and be open to talking about it.
  4. Refer a person for evaluation and treatment.
  5. Understand MN law related to legal responsibilities and documentation.



Lisa Bershok, MSW, LICSW's Profile

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Suicide Prevention Program Manager


Lisa Bershok is CentraCare’s Suicide Prevention Program Manager. CentraCare is a healthcare organization that serves 19 counties in central MN, and is a primary provider of both medical and mental health services in this geographic area. She is a clinically licensed social worker, and has extensive experience working with Veterans experiencing physical health, mental health, and substance abuse issues. After working for the St. Cloud VA as a Suicide Prevention Coordinator, she recently transitioned to CentraCare to start their Suicide Prevention Program. The focus of the program is to both support CentraCare in implementing Zero Suicide framework, as well as be an educational resource to the community.

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