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The Treatment of Emotional Stress with Acupuncture

Total Credits: 1 Acupuncture

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Acupuncture |  Continuing Education |  Webinar |  NCMIC Credits
John Locxkenour, DC, DABCO, DABCA
1 Hour



Description of Content: During this 1 hour class the following topics will be presented to identify psychological stressors in the acupuncture practice that may lead to increased risk or harm to the patient. For millennia, Chinese medicine physicians have asserted that the seven emotions can be a major cause of disease. Following emotional trauma, the body becomes susceptible to pathogens and organ dysfunction, leading to a variety of ailments.

Hour 1 – Introduction to Emotional Stressors This hour will examine how to help individuals better identify, understand, and manage their mental skills, responses to stress, performance preparation strategies, and focusing techniques designed to help patients  under pressure. Treatment protocols for general Stress Disorder with specific additional treatment based on patient presentation.

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Dr. Lockenour has taught postgraduate courses in orthopedics, whiplash injuries, physical therapy, nutrition and acupuncture. He built one of the largest and most successful chiropractic practices in the state of Indiana. His informative and motivational style of speaking makes him a very popular speaker and sought-after practitioner.