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Alan Smith, DC


Dr. Smith runs a cash-based practice focused on restoring and optimizing the health of his patients. As a doctor who has built two successful cash-based practices in two different states, Dr. Smith understands that you can be successful taking cash-only and what it takes.

He credits much of his success to an education and Atlas only approach that embraces the necessity and value of custom arch support. Dr. Smith is passionate about helping doctors take their cash-based practice to the next level. In his seminar, Dr. Smith walks doctors through the importance of taking care of the kinetic chain through acute and non-acute protocol and how to be successful taking cash only.

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On Demand

Dr. Alan Smith: Cash Based Practice

Total Credits: 1 Regular

Alan Smith, DC
58 Minutes
Audio and Video
Short Description:
Cash Practice - Spend your lunch with Dr. Alan Smith
$30.00 - Base Price

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