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Angie Lipson, Doctor of Chinese Medicine Licensed Acupuncturist, MN #1918


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Headshot of Dr. Angie Weber wearing a white coat over a black shirt.

Dr. Angie Lipson
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Licensed Acupuncturist

Minnesota Acupuncture Association, Board Member, Vice-President

Dr. Angie's focus is in modern acupuncture techniques for muscle/nerve conditions, pain management, internal conditions, and cancer support. By combining her years of training in the healthcare industry, sports science, and specialized training in Zhengzhou, China, she is able to integrate Chinese medicine with her Western medical background to provide well-rounded patient care. 

Dr. Angie's approach to patient care is to complement Western medicine with her Eastern medicine training.  She regards emotional wellbeing, sleep, exercise, and nutrition as important factors in the general healing processes of the body.

Product Type
On Demand

Part II: Acupuncture Theories & Techniques for the Upper Extremity: Elbows & Shoulders (1CE: Acupuncture)

Total Credits: 1 OnDemand Acupuncture

Angie Lipson, Doctor of Chinese Medicine Licensed Acupuncturist, MN #1918
55 Minutes
Audio and Video
Short Description:
Part 2 of the webinar series will focus on the elbows and shoulders. We will delve into the TCM patterns associated with these areas and their unique manifestations.
$30.00 - Base Price

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